ICD-10 Program

ICD 10 is not simply about converting codes, it’s about change. Adept excels at introducing change and looking at the big picture, ICD-10 Logoensuring your operations, workflow, and systems are standardized and integrated to the full life cycle of ICD.

We understand the level of integration, standardization and ‘Best Practices’ for improving your coding and ICD-10 requirements. We combine the various factors into a strategic approach and plan, including the critical systems, procedures and resources to ensure you deliver a clean bill. From patient intake to denial management our ICD-10 program is designed to affect the changes necessary to bring you into compliance, improve your efficiencies and have you ready for the future.

Our program is customizable to fit the need of your organization. Whether your objective is to conduct ICD-10 conversions by improving the systems, procedures and overall proficiencies of your manual coding environment or to move to a modern level of coding by employing application ICD functionality automation, coding environment standardization, specialty coding and more, Adept Healthcare can help.

Our ICD-10 Program is a set of governance structure, plans, templates and tools designed specifically for upgrading, standardizing and testing healthcare provider ICD-10 delivery. When coupled with our project leadership and management, these help to ensure your ICD-10 efforts will be successful.



These are the key areas our ICD-10 program focuses on;ICD-10

  • ICD-10 Program Development
  • ICD-10 Readiness Assessments
  •          Application/System Assessments
  •          Workflow/Process Assessments
  •          Form/Report Assessments
  • CAC/CDIS Implementation and Integration
  • Coding Standardization and Simplification
  • Critical Application Upgrades
  • ICD Functionality Planning and Integration
  • Critical Operational Improvements
  • HIM/Patient Access
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Revenue Cycle/Registration
  • Case Mix/Medical Necessity/Managed Care
  • Physician and Coder Training
  • GEMS Crosswalk
  • Dual Coding
  • Internal ICD Testing
  • 3rd Party/Payer Testing

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