About Adept

3D-153-webAdept is an innovative managerial consulting firm committed to helping our clients make sound decisions with: IT investments, operational performance, organizational change and enterprise integration. Our strategic approach ensures our clients are ready for the future, not just meeting the challenges for today. We are passionate about providing the infrastructure, tools and process improvements, our clients need, to provide state of the art care for today and the future.

Our clients need comprehensive solutions that work. We provide knowledgeable experts, who know and understand healthcare and combine that with proven programs and tools to provide experts with the tools to help you succeed. We believe consultants should have the tools, knowledge and structure to be true advocates.
Adept utilizes the following to help achieve these goals:

  • Pre-defined solutions which include: plans, methodologies, project tools, templates and the governance structure built on ‘Best Practices’
  • The tools, templates, checklists and information needed to empower our consultants to succeed
  • Knowledge transfer from our experts and other consultants into every engagement
  • Proven Methods to Success, based on industry standard methodologies and management processes to ensure the highest quality and success.
  • Seasoned experts, with an average of over 10 years in healthcare and healthcare IT. We combine our Methods to Success with high quality candidates to ensure the best service possible.

This work culminates into our deliverable driven approach: success is planned, not accidental. Having the right plan, with the appropriate ingredients is critical for successful delivery of our solutions.

Get to know the team that’s committed to your organizations  success.


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