Project Management is now 3D in Healthcare


Having been in project management for close to 20 years I've seen the dynamics and landscape change dramatically. The principles of project management have remained the same, however, the requirements and scope have extended dramatically. More and more project, program and portfolio management have creeped out into clinical, finance and supply chain to become the glue that binds business and operations. Business leaders have started to learn that the methodologies and rules governing project management have the discipline, structure and controls needed to successfully recognize better cohesion and improved efficiencies in all areas.

When I took the PMP certification back in the 90's, Program and Portfolio management were new concepts, subsets of the PMBOK, just starting to be defined and methodologies created. Now they are robust disciplines of their own with increasing changes and fingers that stretch into all faucets of business, providing discipline and control throughout large enterprise organizations.

Healthcare providers are just now beginning to understand the benefits of strategies based on these rules and tools. The days of simple project management are quickly going away being replaced by PMO's and project structures designed to build on these tools as core principals of their business philosophies and ongoing strategies.

IT has always been a huge driver for project management and the rapid adoption by healthcare providers and payers, to achieve Meaningful Use. This is bringing about a metamorphosis, in larger provider organizations, in their strategies and operations to incorporate these tools, expanding on the traditional philosophies which have guided providers and payers alike. This same approach needs to be adopted by providers of all sizes, types and disciplines.

Many medium and smaller healthcare organizations are slow to recognize the value in these approaches and to regard their businesses as three dimensional, 3D, and need to incorporate these approaches to achieve not just meaningful outcomes for improved patient care, but true business success and the return on their investments both in systems and human resources.

Change Management is a first step in this direction as the primary roadblocks to this transition are governance and executive teams unfamiliar with the benefits, as well as, reluctance to change the 'tried and true' they are familiar with. New methodologies and disciplines help with this as it provides information never before available to these executives and directors enabling them real time control, if the tools are in place to empower them with this knowledge.



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2 responses to “Project Management is now 3D in Healthcare

  1. I love posts that examine new trends in project management, and that’s why I would like to republish your post on PM Hut. Please either email me or contact me through the contact us form on the PM Hut website in case your’e OK with this.

    PS: You might be interested in this post I have published a month ago on PM Hut.

    • Thanks for reading, I certainly appreciate the feedback and welcome the opportunity to share my insight and gather new insights from the Project Hut. I reviewed your site and enjoyed the articles and authors perspectives. Very insightful!

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